Squatter Cleanup

Illegal or disorderly tenants, inside and out, often leave premises in a state of hazardous disorder. Waste can consist of human waste and bodily fluids, sharps and other drug waste all on top of standard general waste, which generally leave a premise in an unsafe, grossly unsanitary state. 

It is imperative that these situations are dealt with swiftly and effectively to ensure properties and their surrounding areas can be bought back to a physical and clinically safe environment.  

Squatter Cleanup services

Wynsdale Environmental provide industry best practice solutions to safely remove all unwanted and contaminated items from areas where there has been a presence of squatters. We ensure all areas are deep cleaned through thorough disinfection and biohazard cleaning to ensure areas can be returned to a safe and habitable environment.

What our clients say

Treating our house for mice

Dan was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He dealt with the problem quickly and it seems to have been effective. He surveyed the house and gave advice about how to mouse proof the house to prevent any further little visitors. Very helpful.

Pest Control – Pigeons

Would highly recommend Wynsdale Pest Control, had an issue with pigeons nesting in the solar panels on my roof. Someone got back to me really quickly, gave me a competitive quote and also proofed the solar panels so the pigeons wouldn’t be able to nest there again. Thank you!

House clearance and clean

The property was in a real state both indoors and out. The work was completed within 2 days and the results were quite remarkable. A really good and highly professional job.

Shed and rubble removal

A superb service good communication and very pleasant staff. Work was carried out quickly and professionally, very clean and tidy. Would use again and would highly recommend.