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Pests we cover

We cover a range of pests including rats and mice, as well as , crawling and flying insects such as bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, ants, wasps and hornets.


Wynsdale provide several solutions to treating the presence of nuisance birds for commercial and domestic customers.

Commercial pest control

No matter how big or small your business, Wynsdale pest control are able to provide you with a professional and discreet protection service that will not affect the reputation of your business.

Quality Assurance

We will provide quality assurance checks to ensure treatment programmes are correctly installed and kept in check

Emergency Cover

In the unlikely event that you have a pest control emergency and need one of our technicians on site to deal with an immediate issue, you will be able to take advantage of our ‘Free Call out’ system. This service is provided 24/7 to our contracted clients.

Competitive pricing

We will happily beat any quote given to you by one of our competitors – we ensure that the service and protection your business requires is competitive and cost effective.

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Wynsdale Pest Control Solutions use tested and proven solutions to protect commercial businesses  and residential properties against the presence of unwanted wildlife pests, both in and outdoors. We provide a discreet professional and personal service to all of our clients. Wynsdale are fully insured and are proud members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

We understand the importance of protecting your properties and those who are in contact with the surrounding areas and are on hand to deal with any pest control requirements.

Importance of Pest Control

Pests can carry pathogens which can be harmful to public health. These pathogens can be easily transmitted via pest faces, hair or urine, particularly when they get into contact with food, fabric or surfaces. Equally, we are all at risk of fall and slip hazards if pests cause damage, by way of nesting or pest droppings, to buildings and their surrounding areas.

Wynsdale cover multiple sectors including:

  • Domestic and residential
  • Retail, Hospitality & Leisure
  • Commercial & public sector building and locations
  • Health Sector (including dental)
  • Nursing/care homes
  • Education
  • Utilities & Construction
Wynsdale Environmental are members of the British Pest Control Association

Delivering Value

The Wynsdale Pest Control Services will work with you to identify your pest control issues or concerns. We then develop bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs of you organisation.

Contact us today to talk to us about how we can protect your business and those around it.

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