Hazardous Waste Collection

Difficult and Hazardous Waste

The management and disposal of hazardous waste items can present challenging situations for organisations to deal with.

Bulk Liquid Disposal

The disposal and transportation of bulk liquids is a highly regulated area of hazardous waste removal which is attached to high levels of legal compliance and environmental standards.

Sewage Disposal

Wynsdale Environmental provide professional, efficient, and effective services to safely collect sewage nationwide across UK and Scotland.


The waste electronic and electrical equipment directive (WEEE) bans the use of certain hazardous components in newly manufactured goods.

Interceptor and Separator Cleaning

The Environment Agency (EA) makes recommendations that businesses, both industrial and commercial, carry out regular interceptor and separator cleaning to ensure site drainage operations are carried out efficiently.

Heavy Industrial Cleaning

We are specialists in carrying out a variety of industrial, specialist cleaning services such as machine and tank cleaning, plant rooms, power stations, waste recycling plants, railways, dockyards, manufacturing environments and refineries.

Wynsdale provide a range of services and solutions to ensure the safe collection, transportation and removal of all hazardous waste. We area able to collect and process many types of waste in a variety of volumes and sizes, ensuring all legislation criteria are met.

Depending on the volume of waste you generate, we offer services for single or multi-site operations which can be scheduled as either single or multiple collections.