Bird control

Full range of bird prevention methods, professionally installed and guaranteed.

Birds are not only a nuisance, they can spread diseases and cause significant damage to properties, walkways and other static objects. Birds have a tendency to nest in areas such as buildings, ledges, roof tops, guttering, loft spaces and solar panels.

Bird droppings carry a variety of diseases and left untreated, can be easily spread to humans.

Solar panel Proofing

  • Solar panels provide pigeons with a warm dry area to nest in
  • Pigeons can cause damage to your panels
  • Pigeon guano will block gutters cause unsightly, slippery pathways

Bird netting

  • Netting is an effective method to prevent birds from accessing and nesting on roof tops, ledges, balconies
  • Netting provides a long-term solution to bird issues.

Bird Spikes

  • Spikes can solve issues where birds perch on ledges, ridges or anything that sticks out of the building
  • Bird spiking is a quick and easy solution to preventing birds from nesting and damaging your building

What our clients say

House and Garage clearance

Excellent service, very friendly and considerate staff. It’s great that where possible furniture goes to charitable causes.

Treated our home for rodents

Really great experience with Wynsdale. Dan was brilliant. Really friendly, professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you!

Pest Control – Pigeons

Would highly recommend Wynsdale Pest Control, had an issue with pigeons nesting in the solar panels on my roof. Someone got back to me really quickly, gave me a competitive quote and also proofed the solar panels so the pigeons wouldn’t be able to nest there again. Thank you!

Deep Clean of Home / Waste Clearance

The Team were amazing and completely transformed the home in only 1 day that was in desperate need of a deep clean. They extremely professional, kind and considerate and their work was top notch. Would highly recommend!