Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a form of vandalism that affects all types of surfaces and buildings unfortunately causing a negative perception of and damage to and area. Whether you have an urgent need to have graffiti removed or an ongoing issue that needs rectifying, Wynsdale Environmental are here to help.

Graffiti can be presented in a number of ways, including the use of markers, aerosols and adhesive labels. We work with local authorities and commercial and private organisations to maintain a welcoming environment for everyone.

What our clients say

House clearance and clean

The property was in a real state both indoors and out. The work was completed within 2 days and the results were quite remarkable. A really good and highly professional job.

Deep Clean of Home / Waste Clearance

The Team were amazing and completely transformed the home in only 1 day that was in desperate need of a deep clean. They extremely professional, kind and considerate and their work was top notch. Would highly recommend!

To deal with an infestation of wasps

In the autumn my window cleaner alerted me to a problem with wasps behind the hanging tiles of my house at 1st floor level. After research online I appointed Wynsdale to deal with matter. The operative who attended quickly identified multiple nests on each side of the 4 windows on the rear of my property. Within an hour the nest sites had been treated and after about 24 hours all wasp activity had ceased. This gentleman was totally professional. He was very polite, super efficient and extremely friendly. In short, I could not have wished for a better experience.