Fluorescent Lamps / Fluorescent Tubes

Due to their mercury content, fluorescent lighting tubes are classified as a form of hazardous waste and therefore need to be disposed of correctly.

Wynsdale can arrange for the safe collection and disposal of:

• Fluorescent lighting tubes
• Sodium lighting
• Energy-saving lightbulbs
• Traditional light bulbs
• LED lighting


Tonnes of florescent tubes end up in landfill, despite them only containing a small amount to mercury, the volume makes up large quantities of hazardous mercury that can work its way into onto land and into our water supplies.

It is now illegal to dispose of florescent lamps at landfill sites, they must be recycled once the mercury, glass and metal components have been extracted, Wynsdale offer this recycling service and have a simple pricing structure based on a price for the storage unit and price for collection and recycling of the contents.

What our clients say

To deal with an infestation of wasps

In the autumn my window cleaner alerted me to a problem with wasps behind the hanging tiles of my house at 1st floor level. After research online I appointed Wynsdale to deal with matter. The operative who attended quickly identified multiple nests on each side of the 4 windows on the rear of my property. Within an hour the nest sites had been treated and after about 24 hours all wasp activity had ceased. This gentleman was totally professional. He was very polite, super efficient and extremely friendly. In short, I could not have wished for a better experience.

Clearing our daughter’s flat of furniture.

Ben and Sam arrived at the property and were so polite and helpful explaining that they would recycle as much as they could via a homeless charity ,which made our day. We have previously used Wynsdale twice before on rubbish clearance and property clearance. Ben and Sam were so good they deserve praise. They are a credit to the company. Thank you Wynsdale for everything, we can only recommend your company.

House and Garage clearance

Excellent service, very friendly and considerate staff. It’s great that where possible furniture goes to charitable causes.